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Reply MarXistem, March 25th, 2014, 2:30 pm

Little review Love is a complex business. Its laws of interaction and affection are never static, but they evolve through the years and generations.
We shouldn't be surprised if love is sometimes able to break the material and organic barriers, that, through many years, it's been considered insuperable. "Her" plays very nice with this posibility.

The empathy between Theodore and Samantha gives a step to a lovely relationship where the material impediments are replaced by a series of revolutionary elements that invite the spectators to reflex about the mechanisms of being in love.
Even if this topic is not new in sci-fi, the mix of romantic and futurist elements propitiates the start of a reflexion about human relations and the excesive fragility that involves it, specially inside of the post-modern society of nowadays.

"Her" is a film that re-invents the nature of love in century XXI and invites to beat any kind of barrier (material, social, ideologic) that intervenes between the human being and their heartiest happiness.

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